Who says Scientists don’t have a sense of humor?

John Prusinski of The Clorox Company was our big winner of the BOSE wireless earbuds. He had left Louisville by the time our drawing took place. I shipped the earbuds to John requesting a selfie showing that he received them. This is what I received. 


Then, I got the following picture.  


I’ll admit that I almost fell out of my chair. Congrats to John and we hope these earbuds give him much joy.  

Michael Welch
Final Day of ICE USA

It has been a great Expo! We have met with loads of industry professionals and made a friend or two along the way. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth. Please remember us for your testing needs.  

Special Thanks to Amanda from Shepard for drawing our prize winner, John Prusinski!!

Michael Welch
Day 2 of ICE USA

After a great day of networking and promoting SSH Laboratories, we had a pleasant and informative dinner with a local customer. While my feet and knees ache from standing up all day yesterday, we are prepared for another eventful day of exhibiting the value of SSH Laboratories.  


Please note that the table is a high top approximately 3.5 feet tall. Jennifer is not as short as she appears in the picture. 

Michael Welch