As an accredited lab, can SSH do other non-accredited testing? 

Yes, we can do any testing for which we have the equipment capability. The testing requested does not have to be on our Scope of Accreditation to be performed in our lab. The testing report will not have our accreditation certificate symbol in the upper right hand corner. That is the only difference. The testing will still take place under the same systems as the accredited testing. 

Why isn’t every test that you are able to complete on your Scope of Accreditation? 

There are many different reasons for a test not being listed on our Scope. Most of the time, the issue is that no one has ever asked for the testing. This happens quite a bit with automotive specifications. Another reason would be that we haven’t added it to the Scope yet.

Can I tour SSH Laboratories? 

Absolutely. If you are in the Nashville area, please give us a call. We are located only 20 minutes from the Nashville International Airport. 

Do you charge for report writing or return shipping? 

SSH Laboratories does not charge a fee for report writing, it is just part of our personalized service. Upon request, we will return any unused material via UPS Ground, free of charge. 


What is your normal turnaround time for testing? 

Our normal turnaround time for testing is usually 2 days beyond the minimum required by the specification/method. As an example, certain flammability tests require that materials dwell in the laboratories’ environment for a minimum of 24 hours before testing. Therefore, if we receive your material on Tuesday, we can test it on Wednesday and have the report emailed to you by Thursday. We pride ourselves on having fast turnarounds in both quotations and testing.  

What tests are you currently planning to add to your Scope of Accreditation next? 

We are currently researching Rheology, Heated Shear Testing, Tensile and Tear Resistance. If you have any others that we should research, please let us know.

I need a test completed quickly. Can you help me? 

In most cases, yes. Our staff is flexible enough that we can complete almost any testing request as quickly as possible. Earlier this year, some emergency testing was completed at 2:00am on a Saturday, in order to assist the customer with a deadline. 

I need some material tested to an automotive specification. How do I obtain a quote? 

You can use the contact form on this website, email me at or give us a call at 615.620.9215. We will be glad to assist you.