Contaminant Identification & Testing

When an unknown material is found on a product and manufacturers need to know the source of contamination, they turn to SSH Laboratories, Inc. for answers.

We face the issue with a strategic technical approach which is necessary to identify any unknown contaminant by using a comparison study between a controlled sample and suspect sample. Although complicated, our analysists are trained specifically on this approach which only adds to the level of certainty when identifying the contaminant. Using state of the art equipment, we start with a general screen of the control and suspect sample using our GC/MS and depending on the test results isolation of the contaminant may be required and further analysis using our FT-IR spectroscopy. Once identification is complete, we can further quantify the contaminant with our sample matrix.

SSH Laboratories, Inc. has performed contamination testing for manufacturers of plastics, foam, metal, electronics, packaging, PSA coatings, consumer and industrial products.  If needed, we can help with testing for contamination in emergency situations, working 24/7 to resolve the problem.